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Barbell Strength Weightlifting Personal Training & Small Group Training
Personal Training:

Our personalized training program is designed to cater to your unique fitness goals. Common goals include: sports performance, hypertrophy (muscle gain), or weight loss. These programs can accommodate both beginner or experienced lifters. The personal training program is divided into three phases. Each phase lasts four weeks and includes a combination of compound movements (multiple muscle groups at the same time) and accessory exercises (isolated muscles for specific outcomes). The phases are periodized to progressively overload your muscles, leading to significant gains in strength and muscle mass.

Small Group Training:

Small group training extends normal one-on-one personal training to a group of folks, typically 2-4 at a time. Let us help you achieve your goals with one of our small group training regimens! This program is perfect for athletes looking to improve their overall strength and conditioning. Weightlifting and other strength-building exercises will increase your muscular endurance, speed, and agility. In a group environment we’ll set up circuits to create a focused and high tempo workout. You will work on developing explosive power and improving your overall athleticism. Whether you’re a football player, wrestler, or martial artist, this regimen will help you take your performance to the next level. Class scheduled is M-Th from 4:30-6:30PM, come anytime in that window and Saturday’s at 10:00AM.

Barbell Strength Weightlifting Strength Training & Olympic Lifting
These custom programs incorporate techniques tailored to your specific needs and abilities.

Our experienced and USA Weightlifting certified coaches will guide and support you with personalized attention. You can expect to develop greater strength, power, and endurance while improving mobility, flexibility, and coordination. The Olympic lifters will focus primarily on technical mastery with the snatch and the clean and jerk. Whether you’re a casual lifter or eager to compete, our program offers a challenging and rewarding experience. You’ll achieve your fitness goals and reach your full potential. Strength Training and Olympic Lifting Classes are offered M-Th 4:30-6:30PM and Saturday’s at 10:00AM T/TH at 6:30 AM (located at LFC).

Barbell Strength Weightlifting Open Gym
Perfect for remote athletes and individuals who have a program but need a place to train.

Our open gym hours are designed to accommodate your busy schedule. We are open seven days a week. From early morning to late at night, so you can work out when it’s most convenient for you. And with affordable pricing options, you can tailor your membership to fit your needs. With PIN code entry you can stop by anytime, and we routinely check for cleanliness, ensure equipment is returned to the proper location, and our staff members are all certified coaches who are here to help!

We offer a day pass for $10 for clients who would like to drop in for open gym or a $15 drop in for single classes.


Barbell Strength Weightlifting Kids Classes (ages 8+)
We are excited to offer a fun and safe environment where children can learn the fundamentals of strength training, improve their physical fitness, and develop important life skills.

Our certified coaches are experienced in working with children of all ages and skill levels, and they are dedicated to providing personalized attention and support to each child in the class. Our program emphasizes proper form, injury prevention, and age-appropriate workouts that challenge and motivate children ages 8 and up to reach their full potential. At Barbell Strength Weightlifting, we believe that a strong body leads to a strong mind, and we are committed to helping children build confidence, resilience, and a lifelong love of fitness.

Barbell Strength Weightlifting Custom Programming
Our team of experienced and certified coaches understands that every individual is unique and requires a customized training plan to achieve their desired results.

With our program, we take into account your current fitness level, training experience, and lifestyle to create a program that is challenging yet realistic for you. We prioritize safety, effectiveness, and sustainability to help you reach your full potential and excel in your weightlifting journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, our custom programming can help you achieve your fitness goals and take your training to the next level.

Barbell Strength Weightlifting

Programs Overview

 Our programs page showcases a range of options for those looking to improve their strength and overall fitness level. Whether you’re interested in personal training or prefer a more group-oriented approach, Barbell Strength Weightlifting has a program tailored to meet your needs.

One of their standout programs is Personal Training, where clients receive personalized attention from a certified trainer to develop a workout regimen based on their individual goals and fitness level. For those who prefer working out in a group setting, the Small Group Training program offers the benefits of personal training in a supportive and social atmosphere. The Open Gym membership provides access to the gym facility for a low monthly cost of $50, giving members the flexibility to work out on their own time. Additionally, their Strength Training & Olympic Lifting Classes offer a comprehensive approach to weightlifting. Combining the benefits of strength training with the technique and form of Olympic lifting. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned weightlifter, Barbell Strength Weightlifting has a program to fit your needs.

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