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About Elijah

Elijah offers coaching for anyone desiring to improve themselves physically and mentally through resistance training. He is training clients one-on-one for $50 an hour.

Elijah’s passion and career goals revolve entirely around exercise and performance. As a football player in high school and college, he enjoyed the lifting and conditioning done as a team, but throughout his career found that he also loved learning about what he was doing. This quickly turned into an incredibly strong passion to research and learn anything he could that he could apply to his training outside of team lifts. Now, Elijah is an Exercise Science major, aiming to graduate from KU and enter graduate school. From there he hopes to become a strength coach at a collegiate sports program.

For Elijah, the most important aspect of coaching and designing programs is understanding the reasons behind everything, and relaying that information to the client in a way that is easy to understand. He aims to improve his client’s understanding of their body and how training affects it while prioritizing their progress toward their goal. He hopes to be as adaptable as possible for each different client, providing them with coaching specific to them and their unique physical structure, ability and goals.

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Through his dedication, expertise, and passion for helping others, Travis has established himself as a top personal trainer at Barbell Strength Weightlifting. He is committed to guiding his clients towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life through fitness and wellness.

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